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brewd final report

The final report on our BREWD project that 476 businesses in our region took time to answer is now complete & available. From this report there are a number of projects that have been immediately identified and the movement has begun!


Thank you to all business owners and job seekers who completed the BREWD survey. The next step is to organize the data into reports. The full reports will be available at a later date.

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A joint economic plan, taking action for business.

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Invest Southeast Alberta (ISA) is a group of businesses, governments and service agencies who have united to develop a joint economic action plan, share necessary resources, and ensure action is taken to support the region we serve. 
We are an informal partnership who will expand and contract as required by the directives of our projects.


The secondary and primary data for this report was collected and analyzed in 2019. The BREWD survey and employer interviews were conducted in September and October 2019. The 41 "Projects" outlined in the Strategic Themes throughout the report were developed and decided upon in late 2019, and in early 2020 during the Covid-19 outbreak.
The short, medium, and long- term economic and work force impacts of the pandemic are still unclear, although they are undoubtedly real. The full impact of the Covid-19 situation on the BREWD data set and economic situation in Southeast Alberta will become evident in the months and years to come. But the exhaustive nature of the BREWD data collection process means that much of the information is still reliable and valid, especially when viewed in the context of the longer project are described in the previous Call to Action section. 

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