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Business movement gaining momentum

Press Release: August 29, 2019

Over 80 business and community leaders from the region are taking a hands-on role in an effort to build a stronger economic future, says Sandra Blyth, Business Support Officer for the City of Medicine Hat.

There are many organizations and individuals collaborating to make this project a success,” she says. “I can’t say enough how important it is that businesses and organizations participate. Every action that will come from this project needs to be based on the needs of business, employers and job seekers.

She explains that there are great opportunities to create new jobs and businesses in the area thanks to the emergence of new employers, and the rapidly growing cannabis industry. Current projections show well over 1,000 new jobs in cannabis alone, while at the same time renewable energy projects and other businesses are looking for the employees they need for success.

These developments will create opportunity in other sectors of the economy, as well as the potential to disrupt existing businesses. The project is working to make the most of the opportunities ahead as well as address potential challenges that may be experienced by existing businesses. Community participation is vital.

Tracy Noullett with MNP – and a volunteer champion of the project – says, “we need a great deal of input to our surveys to ensure the actions we take are informed by the needs of the business community. This week and last, we’re working with our volunteers to share the project with their networks, and encourage participation when the employer survey launches in September.

The second of two volunteer training sessions will happen at 11 am, in Crave at Medicine Hat College on Thursday August 29. Members of the media are welcome to attend to learn more about the project and meet some of the leaders and champions involved.

The survey itself launches on September 16. Over 4,000 businesses are being asked to participate using letters, an online survey, and the personal outreach of over 80 volunteers.

Ultimately, the data gathered will be collated by experts before being turned back to employers and community leaders who will determine what strategies should be created and launched.

“This process is really all about making sure we, as economic development teams, focus our time and energy on the needs of businesses,” says Blyth.

The Business Retention Expansion and Workforce Development (BREWD) project is presented by a broad group of organizations, businesses, and individuals who are gathering under the Invest SE Alberta banner.

For more information: Sandra Blyth, City of Medicine Hat 403.977.2320

BREWD Overview

The purpose of this collaborative project is to enhance the economy of southeast Alberta. Right now, project leaders are gathering critical information from businesses, organizations, and job seekers.

Be sure your voice is heard!

As an employer, you’ll soon be asked to complete a comprehensive survey about our region, and the factors that shape your business.

Job seekers can participate now by visiting our survey at

Once the data is complete and organized, the information gathered will be presented to a taskforce comprised of business and community leaders who will participate in a focused session to capitalize on opportunities and address the needs expressed. We promise action based on your input.

Visit for more information.

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